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Canadian Immigration Lawyer Who Delivers Results

Eddie H. Kadri, B.A, JD., Esq. is an Immigration lawyer who has been practicing law in the Province of Ontario for more than 15 years.  He is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service while delivering exceptional results for the benefit of his clients.

He firmly believes that every client deserves the best legal representation. That’s why he holds himself to the highest standards of service quality. For more than a decade, Eddie Kadri has served clients from over 60 countries around the world.  He has represented many of the worlds leading multinational companies doing business throughout North America. He understands the interconnectivity of the global marketplace and the need for Companies around the world to utilize talent beyond borders. Eddie Kadri and his network of professionals around the world offer real solutions for global workforce mobility.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Eddie Kadri is widely recognized in the global business community as a leading immigration lawyer specializing in global mobility and related business matters. His proficiency in NAFTA based applications and corporate transfers is among the very best in the industry.  He also devises legal strategies in order to ensure Canadian companies have access to highly skilled foreign workers from all around the globe.

In fact, he has worked with Canadian Government officials on many influential cases that have shaped the current interpretation and implementation of NAFTA at Ports of Entry across Canada. This includes having successfully challenged restrictive interpretations of NAFTA that have led to precedent setting decisions made by the Canadian Government.

As an internationally recognized leader in immigration law, Eddie Kadri has traveled extensively across the globe, often meeting with various heads of State and representatives from foreign governments and ministries.  He will never waiver in his commitment to apply the most comprehensive approach to identifying effective legal strategies in order to help each and every client protect their rights as they work to achieve their immigration goals and objectives.

No matter what kind of immigration situation you face, Eddie Kadri can devise and execute the right legal solution to ensure you have the best prospects for success.  He is perhaps best known for his successful role in many high-profile immigration cases that have shaped the way Visa Officers and Government officials understand and apply Canadian law.

An Immigration Lawyer You Can Always Depend On

What a difference it makes to have a lawyer representing you that has provided legal services to some of the world’s largest multi national companies doing business throughout North America, many of whom are industry leaders in energy, technology, manufacturing, and Government services. The fact that they have put their trust in Eddie Kadri signifies the importance of hiring the right immigration lawyer and validates the decision to hire a leading professional.

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