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Certified Specialist by the Law Society of Ontario

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Kadri is a Canadian immigration lawyer who is licensed to practice law by the Province of Ontario, Canada.  He is a graduate of one of Canada’s premier law school programs, the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. He is widely regarded in the global business community as one of the region’s leading Corporate Immigration lawyers. 

He is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law and is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal services while delivering exceptional results.

Canadian Immigration and Business Law

Kadri has been practicing law in the Province of Ontario for more than 20 years. Mr. Kadri represents clients from over 60 countries around the world. His clientele include many of the world’s largest multinational companies, including industry leaders in oil and gas, energy, technology, manufacturing, education, and Government services.

Kadri concentrates his professional practice in the areas of Immigration law and related business matters. His proficiency in NAFTA based applications and corporate transfers has led to his recognition among the very best in the industry.

Kadri Law has also provided legal services to some of the world’s largest multi-national companies and institutions doing business in Canada, including industry leaders in energy, technology, agriculture, education, and manufacturing.  His clientele has included Domino’s Pizza, CS Wind Corp (South Korea), Fagioli SPA (Italy), Siemens (Germany), Toyota (Japan), The Canadian Space Agency, Northstar Aerospace (USA), Swissport (Switzerland), and many other global companies and institutions.

Kadri Law has accepted many high-profile cases over the years.  Recently, Kadri Law brought a litigation matter before the Federal Court of Canada involving an international student crisis in 2018.  Kadri Law was instrumental in a landmark settlement that was reached with the Government of Canada with respect to this crisis that had resulted from hundreds of international students in Canada being denied Post Graduate Work Permits by IRCC.

International Student Work Permit Crisis

Our firm recently helped resolve a case involving hundreds of international students who completed their studies in Canada and were refused Post Graduate Work Permits after graduation.  This large group of international students retained the services of Kadri Law after being denied these work permits by the Government of Canada.  Kadri Law quickly assembled a crisis management team to deal with this unprecedented situation.  We immediately filed for Judicial Review in the Federal Court of Canada in order to challenge these unfair decisions.  This case went viral around the world, garnering national and International media attention given its overall significance.  While in Federal Court, Kadri Law and its partners worked with St. Clair College and the Government of Canada in order to reach a historic settlement that, among other things, resulted in the approval of all work permits and a recognition that more than 200 international students were unfairly denied the Post Graduate Work Permits they were entitled to.

The Government of Canada under the direction of then IRCC Minister Ahmed Hussein agreed to create a special set of ministerial instructions in order to approve and issue work permits for every student who was previously denied the same.  This landmark settlement successful resolved all issues pertaining to largest international student work permit crisis that IRCC has ever faced and the Federal Court Judicial Review was discontinued in light of the settlement reached.

International Trade

Global trade is also an area of expertise that Kadri Law has focused on, with particular concentration on its nexus to Immigration issues.  In fact, Kadri has been actively involved in both public/private consultations with respect to US/Canada/Mexico NAFTA negotiations, as well as other trade relationships involving China, India, and the EU. 

As Mr. Kadri routinely attracts high profile cases involving business immigration matters of unique complexity, he is routinely invited to speak at professional conferences and conventions throughout North American and around the world.  His abilities are well recognized when it comes to devising comprehensive legal strategies and analyzing challenging circumstances in relation to Canadian law.

Advancing the Interests of Clients

In a post-911 reality, the extent of criminal and security screening deployed at International Ports of Entry has reached unprecedented levels.  Any type of criminal conviction history can serve as a legal prohibition against the admission of a foreign national seeking entry into Canada.  Eddie Kadri has established precedent setting decisions with respect to mitigating the effects of a criminal conviction history or other form of inadmissibility.

Kadri aggressively defends the rights of his clients to the full extent provided by Canadian and International law. He is fully committed to utilizing every mechanism the Canadian legal system affords for the benefit of his clientele.  Kadri will never hesitate to use the Courts or Administrative bodies to challenge a decision that contravenes the law, and that includes invoking the principles entrenched in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it relates to deserving matters.

Windsor-Detroit International Business and Trade Corridor

Kadri has strategically centralized his law practice in close proximity to North America’s pre-eminent international US-CANADIAN border crossing situated along the Windsor-Detroit corridor.  Universally regarded as the gateway to North America, the Windsor-Detroit corridor is home to one of the world’s largest trade routes, including CBSA/CIC immigration processing posts that are equipped and enabled to facilitate trade and investment in Canada.

Often while representing the interests of his clientele, Kadri will travel extensively around the world meeting with government officials and various Heads of State.   He proudly advances Canadian interests while travelling abroad.  He continues to play a key role in attracting significant foreign investment to Canada.  In fact, Corporate clients he has represented have invested billions of dollars in Canada and created thousands of jobs for Canadian.

In the Community

Kadri is a proud member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Essex County Law Association, and the Canadian Bar Association. He also maintains other international professional memberships and relationships of strategic value to his practice of law.

In addition to his professional work, Kadri is active in the political, social and cultural life of his community in Windsor, Ontario. He maintains constructive working relationships with members of our Canadian parliament, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.  Kadri supports many local charitable endeavours. He has been instrumental in helping raise critical funds for various non-profit groups serving the greater Windsor and Essex county region.

Kadri is happily married and the proud father of four beautiful children.  He still lives and works in Windsor, Ontario, despite having business interests around the world related to his practice of law.

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