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Kadri Law’s Startup Central is a business incubation service that provides entrepreneurs with all of the resources, insights and professional services needed to successfully launch and accelerate the growth of your business in Canada. We use a collaborative hands on approach with an established  network of leading professionals who will guide you through the various stages of establishing and managing a successful business in Canada.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are, in many ways, an embodiment of the spirit and determination that built this great country.  They are truly the backbone of the Canadian economy.   But we know that not all entrepreneurs are the same, and so we offer a flexible and affordable space to nurture your business while accessing the critical business support, resources and service you need to launch and develop your business.   Entrepreneurs are critical to our local economy.  As you succeed, you create jobs and wealth not only for yourself as the business owner, but also for the community you become a part of.   As you grow and expand in Windsor Essex, we will acclimate you to the tremendous entrepreneurial climate in our region.

Kadri Law’s Startup Central is an ecosystem for Entrepreneurs.  We offer unique and functional workspaces specifically designed to enable the acceleration and growth of your start-up business.  We offer accessibility to features such as on-site management training, mentorship programs, and workshops for Entrepreneurs that cover all aspects of business management.  At Kadri Law, we can help your business grow in a truly collaborative environment while giving you access to our network of leading professionals.   Kadri Law’s Startup Central can be the life-line that will energize and connect your business to the brilliance of Windsor Essex, a region which has so much to offer Entrepreneurs.

Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

We recognize the exceptional potential in women and minority entrepreneurs, but also recognize the obstacles they face as a result of racial, gender, or geographic inequalities.   We developed relationships within our network of leading professionals to provide business incubator services that focus on minorities and women with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive but who need the support and the opportunities they rightfully deserve.  

Women and minority entrepreneurs have significant potential and if given the opportunity they can contribute to the revitalization of our community and the kind of economic diversification we need as a region to truly thrive.   They deserve equal opportunity to pursue their dreams of starting and growing a small business.  We hope to provide more of those opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs that can lead to economic self-sufficiency by realizing the power of their tremendous potential. We will offer workshops and training programs specifically geared towards women and minority entrepreneurs.

Within our facility, we will offer workshops and training programs that are designed to introduce entrepreneurs to the various aspects of Canadian entrepreneurship.   Our approach is very much hands-on and collaborative.   We will incorporate industry experts and leading professionals to work with you as you set up and learn to run the different areas of your business.  Our goal is to help you build the foundation for the success of your business by helping you create the blueprint you will need to pursue that success.   We want to empower entrepreneurs with the support structure you need to meet head-on the future challenges you may face

Kadri Law Business Incubator Services for Entrepreneurs

Through the our Startup Central program, Kadri Law will be offering the following services for startups and entrepreneurs:

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