Canadian Immigration Services

Canadian Immigration Services

Eddie H. Kadri represents some of the largest multinational corporations doing business throughout North America. He offers a wide array of Canadian Immigration services and facilities business expansions from foreign markets into Canada, including intra company transferee’s for Executives, Managers and Specialized Knowledge personnel.

If approved to enter Canada as a permanent resident, an individual receives a Permanent Resident Card and they acquire the right to permanently live and work in Canada, enjoying almost all the same rights as Canadian citizens.

The process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada is highly complex and time consuming. With immigration rules and regulations constantly changing, effective legal strategies have become increasingly important to your success.

Intending permanent immigrants invest a lot of time and money pursuing their dream of migrating to Canada.  The advantages and disadvantages of each viable Immigration program must be considered and weighed against all of your objectives.  To this end, effective legal counsel is critical to ensure your permanent migration strategy is designed and executed with flawless precision.

Canada happens to be a destination country that attracts intending immigrants at a rate that far surpasses the processing capacity of most permanent immigration programs we offer.   This further makes the decision as to which immigration program you select to utilize even more critical.   Each type of application is unique with specific program requirements and prerequisites, qualifying experiences and required documentation.


The following are examples of services we offer for permanent immigration applications and Canadian citizenship matters.

  • Investor and Business Class Immigration for High Net worth Individuals
  • Quebec Investor and Entrepreneur Programs
  • Federal Start Up Visa Program
  • Express Entry Immigration for Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, and Professionals
  • Family Based Sponsorships and Applications
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Employer Sponsored
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Business and Investor Based
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Skilled Workers
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Family Based Applications
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
  • Convention Refugee Cases
  • Private Refugee Sponsorships
  • Pre-Risk Removal Applications
  • All Grants of Canadian Citizenship

Each year Canada admits millions and millions of visitors, students, and foreign workers under temporary immigration status.  In fact, Canada has an active foreign worker program that grants entry to foreign nationals and authorizes them for employment purposes. Immigration legislation was intended to facilitate the entry of business people and foreign workers who will strengthen the country’s economy.

As a general rule, foreign nationals seeking to perform work in Canada typically require a work permit to facilitate entry.  There are notable exceptions to this general rule, as not all business people and foreign workers seeking entry into Canada require an employment authorization.


Where work permits are required, Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has been re-organized into two distinct programs with major differences between the various streams.  The first stream allows foreign workers to enter Canada at the request of Canadian Employers but must follow the approval of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  The second stream does not require labour certification and includes the newly branded International Mobility Program (IMP).  This includes all those streams in which foreign nationals are not subject to an LMIA requirement.


Canada’s overhaul of the TFWP has resulted in new regulatory changes that can be highly problematic for both businesses and foreign workers alike.  If you are a Company seeking to bring a foreign worker into Canada, it is important to ensure the strategy you utilize is sound and properly vetted, as legislative exemptions to the LMIA requirement still exist and should be used whenever possible.  You need to engage an experienced and capable immigration lawyer who can devise and execute comprehensive legal strategies that address both short term and long-term objectives.

The following are examples of many of the legal services we offer for Work Permits and other Temporary immigration applications:

  • Labour Market Impact Assessments – LMIA
  • Intra Company Corporate Transfers
  • Work Permit Applications using NAFTA
  • Work Permit Applications using GATTS
  • Work Permits Applications Under Canadian Interests
  • Work Permits for Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • All Other Work Permits under the International Mobility Program – Exempt from LMIA
  • Visitor Visas for Business and Tourism
  • Student Authorizations

Individuals who may are otherwise qualified to enter Canada as permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, students, or visitors may be denied entry if they are found to be criminally inadmissible, or if they are determined to be inadmissible for other causes under our Immigration laws and regulations.

The following are examples of many of the legal services we offer for foreign nationals determined to be inadmissible to Canada:

  • Temporary Resident Permits (TRP)
  • Criminal Rehabilitation Applications (CRA)
  • Legal Opinion Re Non Criminal Inadmissibility – Evaluating Foreign Convictions
  • Medical Inadmissibility
  • Authorization to Return to Canada

Negative decisions can and do happen.  If you disagree with a negative decision, it is essential that you hire competent legal counsel and begin the appropriate appeal process in accordance with Canadian law, and that you do so in a timely manner. There are always certain specific time limitations that apply to every type of appeal.   When exercising a right to appeal, if you do not follow the correct procedures within the established time limitation periods you may lose that right forever.

Jurisdiction for appealing certain types of negative decisions may rest with the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Conversely, other types of decisions are within the Jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Canada and procedurally must go through a process of judicial review.


It is important to consult with an experienced and qualified lawyer immediately after you receive a negative decision refusing your application in order to receive a comprehensive assessment of your legal rights.  The following are examples of many of the legal services we offer for Individuals who have received a negative decision and/or who require representation at a Hearing, Appeal, or Federal Court matter:

  • Detention Reviews
  • Removal Proceedings
  • Admissibility Hearings
  • Immigration Hearings
  • Permanent Resident Status Determination – Appeals
  • Federal Court
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • Federal Court Judicial Review Applications
  • Appeals Before the Immigration Appeal Division

Effective Legal Representation

Eddie Kadri is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive legal services in the field of Canadian immigration and related business matters.

As your Immigration counsel, Eddie Kadri can help determine the advantages of either commencing the process with a Temporary Immigration Application such as work permit, or proceeding straight to Permanent Immigration strategy such as Provincial Nominee process.   After all, immigrating to Canada can be a once in a life opportunity for those fortunate enough to be selected.  If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada, you should seek credible and trustworthy legal advice before making any decisions with respect to Canadian Immigration strategies.

Eddie Kadri will use his advanced understanding of all procedural and human nuances in order to determine if certain Immigration applications can be expedited using the Port of Entry over Consular processing.  Such matters are areas of expertise that require a high level of sophistication and ongoing involvement in the process and procedures associated with Canadian Immigration.   Further, Eddie Kadri’s extensive experience and familiarity with all Canadian immigrant programs, procedural avenues, and other relevant issues offer his clients a unique and significant advantage.

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