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If approved to enter Canada as a permanent resident, an individual receives a Permanent Resident Card and they acquire the right to permanently live and work in Canada, enjoying almost all the same rights as Canadian citizens.

The process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada is highly complex and time consuming. With immigration rules and regulations constantly changing, effective legal strategies have become increasingly important to your success.

Intending permanent immigrants invest a lot of time and money pursuing their dream of migrating to Canada.  The advantages and disadvantages of each viable Immigration program must be considered and weighed against all of your objectives.  To this end, effective legal counsel is critical to ensure your permanent migration strategy is designed and executed with flawless precision.

Canada happens to be a destination country that attracts intending immigrants at a rate that far surpasses the processing capacity of most permanent immigration programs we offer.   This further makes the decision as to which immigration program you select to utilize even more critical.   Each type of application is unique with specific program requirements and prerequisites, qualifying experiences and required documentation.

  • Investor and Business Class Immigration for High Net worth Individuals
  • Quebec Investor and Entrepreneur Programs
  • Federal Start Up Visa Program
  • Express Entry Immigration for Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, and Professionals
  • Family Based Sponsorships and Applications
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Employer Sponsored
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Business and Investor Based
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Skilled Workers
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – Family Based Applications
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
  • Convention Refugee Cases
  • Private Refugee Sponsorships
  • Pre-Risk Removal Applications
  • All Grants of Canadian Citizenship

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