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Those who pursue Canadian immigration and are fortunate to be approved for Permanent Residency status will enter Canada as a lawful permanent resident.  Successful individuals receive a Permanent Resident Card as proof of their Immigrant status and under the law they acquire the right to permanently live and work in Canada, enjoying virtually all the same rights as Canadian citizens.

The process of obtaining permanent residency status in Canada is highly complex and time consuming.  With programs, rules and regulations constantly changing, effective legal representation and immigration strategies have become increasingly important to your success.

Intending permanent immigrants invest a lot of time and money pursuing their dream of migrating to Canada.  The advantages and disadvantages of each Immigration program must be considered from all perspectives.  Immigration Program requirements must be weighed against all of your objectives in order to determine viability and the prospects for success.  To this end, effective legal counsel is critical to ensure your Canadian Immigration strategy is designed and executed with flawless precision.

Canada has a dynamic national Immigration program.  We have over 64 different programs, both Federally and Provincially, that lead to the acquisition of Immigrant status – a stepping stone to Canadian citizenship.  For those who do not have a viable path to CPR status at the onset, we can develop a long-term strategy whereby acquiring temporary residence status in Canada could be utilized as a beneficial first step in a process of transitioning to Canadian Permanent Residence.

Canada happens to be a destination country that attracts intending immigrants at a rate that far surpasses the processing capacity of most permanent immigration programs we offer.   This further makes the decision process of selecting an immigration program even more critical. Every Immigration application is unique with its own specific program requirements and prerequisites, qualifying experiences, and required documentation. At Kadri Law, we will assess both your short and long term objectives as we seek to reconcile the same through the devise and execution of a Canadian Immigration strategy specifically designed to optimize your potential for success.

As you can appreciate, hiring the right Immigration Law Firm to represent you and properly advise you is a significant decision you will need to make in your life.  At Kadri Law, now only do we prepare and present the best possible Immigration applications on your behalf, we also act as your legal representative before Immigration Visa Officers that work for the Canadian government.  That means the law firm you select can be the most important decision you make in this process.  

Below are just some examples of the types of Immigration and Permanent Residence applications we process at Kadri Law:

Kadri Law has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of Canadian immigration law.  For almost 2 decades, we have processed thousands of cases utilizing every possible Immigration program Canada offers. We are committed to finding the right program for you, the one that best meets your goals and objectives while optimizing your prospects for success.

If you want to pursue a path towards Canadian Permanent Residency, contact our office to begin the process of analyzing your circumstances and determining the viability of a Canadian Immigration strategy.  We offer credible and trustworthy legal representation.  We handle all client matters with expedience, integrity, and professionalism, and having demonstrated great aptitude and skill when it comes to understanding the complexities of immigration issues and dealing with them on behalf of our clients. We continue to set the bar high with an industry leading commitment to client satisfaction and by delivering exceptional results.

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