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Individuals seeking to enter Canada as permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, students, or visitors may be denied entry if they are found to be criminally inadmissible, or if they are determined to be inadmissible for other causes under our Immigration laws and regulations.

There are generally 9 different inadmissibility grounds enumerated under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act [IRPA].  However, in the practice of immigration law, there are only a few grounds that are very common, while other more serious grounds are not as frequently invoked. 

In general, individuals can be found inadmissible to Canada on the basis of Security grounds (ie. terrorism), Human Rights Violations (ie. War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity), Organized Crime, Criminal Inadmissibility, Medical Inadmissibility, Financial Grounds, Misrepresentation, Non-Compliance with the Act, and Inadmissible Family Members.

The most commonly invoked Inadmissibility grounds are generally those dealing with:

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