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While Immigration is the responsibility of the Federal government of Canada, the growing trend over the past decade has been the sharing of jurisdiction between Ottawa and provincial governments across the country.   Essentially, the growth of PNP’s signal that Canada is willing to share the responsibility of selecting immigrants under our immigration system.  

Almost all of Canada’s provinces and territories can nominate and select candidates for admission to Canada as immigrants.   The argument here is that Provinces know their local economies better than the Federal government.  If nominated by a Province, a successful candidate will receive a selection certificate that can be used to apply for Canadian permanent residence status.  Notwithstanding the authority of Provinces to select immigrants under a PNP, only the Federal Government can process and confer Canadian Permanent Residence status.  Therefore, while the provincial process of election may proceed quickly, the Federal process is often characterized by processing delays and inefficiencies.


Canada’s immigration policies are uniquely outlined in the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.  We seek to pursue immigration programs that are directed at facilitating the continued development of the Canadian economy through investment by foreign nationals who intend to relocate to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners remain very much the backbone of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy, and our immigration programs reflect this reality.

If you are an entrepreneur or investor who wants to establish a business or buy an existing one in Canada, Kadri Law will direct and guide you through Canadian immigration programs that confer permanent resident status as a benefit of investing in Canada.  We admit business immigrants on a permanent basis under various Business Immigration Programs.   These programs are designed to attract individuals with capital, business acumen, and entrepreneurial skills needed to promote economic development and job creation in Canada. 

Kadri Law’s industry leading business immigration team can devise comprehensive strategies that can lead to temporary entry as foreign worker.  Temporary entry at the onset is facilitated while we work with the foreign investor to help achieve a transition to permanent immigrant status.   Kadri Law will always seek to find the path of least resistance in any immigration strategy.   We expand our analysis and focus to include possible provincial nominee entrepreneur programs and/or investor programs in order to strengthen a client’s prospects for success.  Our principal objective in serving every client is to find the most cost effective and viable path towards achieving Canadian Permanent Residence as a long term goal while reconciling short term interests associated with relocation to Canada on a more immediate basis.    

Those with cash-on-hand, suitable entrepreneurial experience, and business acumen may be eligible to apply under a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Entrepreneur stream.  Through agreements with the Federal government, each province in Canada now manages its own entrepreneur program that allows Provinces to select prospective immigrants destined to establish a business within their jurisdiction.   Through a multi-stage process clients are able to acquire permanent residence as an end-stage goal.  However, most programs require clients to conduct exploratory business visits, sign a Performance Agreement, and apply for a work permit to enter Canada as a temporary foreign worker at first before applying for Canadian Permanent Residence.   If the client is able to meet the requirements of the Performance Agreement within a specified period of time, eligible candidates will receive a provincial nomination section certificate which in turn is used to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence status.

Most PNP business programs require active management of a business and job creation resulting from the foreign national’s investment.  There are also minimum personal net worth requirements that vary from one PNP to another.  Generally, we recommend a personal network of at least $500,000 CAD for a PNP to be viable.   Of course, in addition to personal net worth requirements, clients should also possess the relevant management experience to qualify. 

Kadri Law has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of Canadian immigration and business law.  For almost 2 decades, we have successfully processed over 10,000 Canadian Immigration cases utilizing every possible Immigration program Canada offers.   We are committed to finding the right program for you, the one that best meets your goals and objectives while optimizing your prospects for success.

For more information on Provincial Nominee Programs, please contact Kadri Law to arrange a comprehensive legal consultation.

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