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Donald Trump’s success prompts Americans to call Windsor immigration lawyer, Eddie Kadri

Donald Trump's success on Super Tuesday — he won seven states in the Republican presidential primaries — has some Americans asking, "How do I move to Canada?

Kadri said this is not the first time he’s had Americans enquiring about moving to Canada.

When George W. Bush was re-elected president in 2004, he also got calls, but not nearly as many as the last few days.

Eddie Kadri
Eddie Kadri

Eddie Kadri has received 70 to 80 calls from Americans since the Republican primaries began. (Lisa Xing/CBC)

“It caught me off guard,” he said. “It’s not unprecedented. I just really didn’t think it would happen this early … to see so many Americans concerned.”

Following George W. Bush’s re-election, Kadri said the number of calls dwindled with time. He saw a “high number of calls, but a low number of actual applicants.”

This time feels different for Kadri.

“Now, the volume of calls is much, much higher and the issues they’re expressing to me about their country are much greater and worrisome,” he said.

“One of the people I spoke with is already taking initial preparations. He hired a real estate agent. He’s buying property here. He went to a Royal Bank and sat with the branch manager and opened an account here.”


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