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Canada’s Aggressive Immigration Strategy Post COVID19

Canada remains very much open to attracting the world’s leading global talent and recently announced its 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan.

The coronavirus pandemic is has undoubtedly changed the world.  There is no economy in any corner of the world that has not be affected.  So while COVID19 has creating challenges, country’s like Canada are focusing on the solutions while not losing sight of the big picture.   Canada remains very much open to attracting the world’s leading global talent and recently announced its 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan.  Canada has announced it will target the admission of over 1 million new permanent residents over the coming 3 years.  This is just one strong indication that once COVID-19 concerns have been addressed, Canada will forge a new path forward with the valuable lessons learned propelling us forward.   In through all of his, Canadian immigration policy will play an even greater role in Canadian society.    

Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino has already publicly stated that Canada will continue to welcome talent from all around the world in a message that seems to target foreign workers affected by ongoing US visa restrictions and suspensions. Mendicino publicly signalled that Canada’s immigration policy remains very much vested in the belief that immigration will be a part of the solution, not the problem, and will act as a springboard to the country’s economic recovery post-COVID-19. 

Fear will not dictate how Canada responds to any crisis, and COVID19 is the latest example of our resolve.   Canada remans a strong an viable option for many US and global companies looking to port highly-skilled foreign talent. Kadri Law has been ahead of the curve on these issues as we continue to be engaged by companies from around the world seeking solutions to address their objectives post COVID19.  We remain at the forefront of drafting innovative cross-border solutions to address the uncertainty caused by US visa restrictions while continuing to devise strategies that take full advantage of Canadian immigration law.

Let Kadri Law help you devise and execute immigration strategies in Canada that could enable the temporary transfer of technology and highly skilled talent into Canada. This can be a critical first step in assembling a roster of skill and talent parked nearshore in Canada and ready for North American deployment. Canada also offers unique pathways to Permanent Residence status such as the Express Entry program, the Global Talent Stream, and other programs that bring entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators, and highly skilled labourers to Canada.

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