Canada accepting refugees following Trump’s ban

Canada's prime minister announces the country will welcome refugees as the U.S. closes its borders, but what do Canadians think of the ban and our new president?

President Donald Trump’s immigration policy has now caused uncertainty in our neighboring country of Canada.

“With the Trump presidency there are a lot of kinks that are being worked out right now,” said Eddie Kadri, a Canadian immigration attorney.

For example, imagine you’re a citizen from one of the seven countries listed in the executive order, you’re temporarily legal in Canada, and you want to go to the U.S. 

You’re not allowed now.  

“Our country stepped up and said look, if you’re caught by this executive action and it’s effecting you, and you’re inside our country, we’re going to help you,” Kadri said.

Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship has stated that if the U.S. doesn’t want Muslims, Canada will take them — meaning Canada will extend their Canadian paperwork and keep them in Canada until the U.S. changes or adjusts its policy. 

Border agents have a lot of discretion as to who stays and who goes. As long as Trump’s policies remain the way they are, Muslims in Canada could stay for a long time.

“This is good. This is good with Canada allowing all this — for you to be staying here. It’s very good,” said Syed Hussain, a prayer attendant at Windsor Mosque.

Although there are protests by Muslims and Muslim supporters here in the U.S., some Muslims in Canada see the Trump policy differently.

“Trump made election promises, and he has to fulfill those promises, and he is looking for the betterment of his country. That’s what appreciate,” Hussainsaid.

“Many Americans see the country changing and Donald Trump represents that change, but it’s not a change that they feel is in line with their values, or their version of America, and so they look to Canada,” Kadri said.

Still many in Canada point out that the Trump policy is temporary.

“We hope in the near future things will get normalized and people will be happy,” Hussain said.

Source: Charlie Langton / Fox2 Detroit

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