Rolla Halabi

Managing Director

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Rolla is a unique talent and the engine that drives our firm.  For almost 2 decades, Rolla has worked on every type of Canadian Immigration matter and done so with great success.   During her tenure, she has had primary carriage of thousands of client files.  This includes having performed immigration services for the benefit of the world’s largest multination corporations doing business in Canada.  

Rolla has accumulated a wealth of experience with all types of Canadian Permanent Residence matters, including Investor based Applications, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Class Sponsorships, and Humanitarian Applications. Rolla is widely regarded in the immigration industry for her proficiency and use of Express Entry.  

Rolla has prepared all types of work permit applications, including those under LMIA Exempt C10 Canadian Interests, Intra Company Transfers, NAFTA/WTO Professional Work Permits, Investor and Entrepreneur Applications, Self-Employed Workers, and  Open Work Authorizations.   Rolla also has industry leading experience in the preparation and processing of LMIA Applications.  

Rolla possesses a wealth of experience and proficiency in the processing of applications involving Criminal and Medical inadmissibility issues, including applications for Temporary Resident Permits and Ministerial Criminal Rehabilitation approvals.  Rolla has significant experience in working on Pre-Risk Removal Assessments, Detention Review Hearings, Admissibility Hearings, IAD Appeals, and Judicial Review applications.

Rolla has a mosaic of accumulated wealth, knowledge and expertise in all areas of immigration law.  This has increasingly become a significant part of her professional experience with Kadri Law.

All of our clients under Rolla’s portfolio have expressed overwhelmingly positive opinions of her professionalism, character, and the quality of her work. Of course, the results she has obtained over the course of her career speak for themselves.   

Rolla began her career in Immigration law as an emerging talent and has continued to transform herself into a leading professional in the industry.  She has accumulated unparalleled experience while earning a reputation for delivering exceptional results in a credible, honest, and trustworthy manner.