Family Class Immigration

Find out if you qualify

With its booming economy, comprehensive human rights laws, and friendly, helpful citizens, Canada is a virtual paradise for immigrants and their families. Under the Family Class Sponsorship program, qualified immigrants can remain unified (or be reunified) with members of their family, all of whom may be eligible for admission to the country. Read on to learn more about Canada’s Family Class Sponsorship Program, who may qualify for express entry, and what you can expect from the application process.

What is the Family Class Sponsorship Program?

The Family Class Sponsorship allows a qualified immigrant’s family members to become permanent Canadian residents. This legal status lets your relatives live in Canada, enrol in school or college, hold down a job, and enjoy all the other privileges and responsibilities of permanent residents.
Generally speaking, one adult must begin as the “anchor” immigrant—a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or someone registered under the Canada Indian Act—who then sponsors his or her family members for permanent resident status. But there are some wrinkles to this program that it’s important to be aware of before you pursue it in earnest.

Becoming a Canadian Resident

While it’s a friendly and welcoming country, Canada doesn’t accept just everyone as a permanent resident. If you’re looking to immigrate and don’t have a sponsor, you have two options:

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