Canadian Experience Class

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If you are a temporary foreign worker or a foreign student who graduated in Canada, you often have the qualities to make a successful transition from temporary to permanent residence. In fact, you have become quite familiar with Canadian society and you have made valuable contributions as a temporary resident.  You have also used your time in Canada as a Temporary Resident to demonstrate your ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.

To this end, temporary foreign workers and international students are ideal candidates for Canadian Permanent Residency (CPR) status.  Having obtained a Canadian education and/or Canadian work experience, you have already settled into a community and have established important networks, furthering your professional interests.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a new program by the Government of Canada that caters specifically to these prospective immigration applicants.  There are separate requirements for the two types of applicants:

International Graduates with Canadian Work Experience

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements.  They must have:

Temporary Foreign Workers

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements.  They must have:

An applicant who has met the minimum requirements and is still in Canada on either a Post-Graduate Work Permit or a Temporary Work Permit may apply from within Canada. For individuals no longer in Canada, applications must be submitted within one year of leaving their job in Canada.

The Canadian Experience Class requirements are based on a pass or fail model.  If the minimum requirements are met, the applicant would be eligible to make an application.  If you’re interested in this unique program, you should take full advantage of this opportunity now as we are uncertain how long the Government of Canada may continue to offer this unique program.  Please contact us for a  complete and comprehensive immigration assessment to determine your eligibility for an Immigrant Visa under the CEC.

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